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Here you will get to know more about the phases of the AVATARS project of the playmate Society.



The next phase of Playmate Society is the launch of the first 100 super sexy AVATARS.

Male and female AVATARS will be avaible, with your slot you can decide which gender you want to receive.

Super sexy gentleman or hot lady - your wish will come true.

In the upcoming metaverse of Playmate Society and its partners, each member will be able to use a unique AVATARS to move freely in the metaverse and do a lot of activity.

The possibilities in the Metaverse will be so extensive that there will be a separate article about it.

AdobeStock_362533402 klein_edited.png


In short, you will be able to own, build, buy, sell and give away land. You'll be able to move around on foot, by supercar, train or even helicopter, or lie on your yacht in the harbor. Build a business or enjoy your earnings from the Playmate Society mission.

Date Playmates, take them out to dinner at different star restaurants, take a kitesurfing course, play a round of chess or jump off one of the skyscrapers.


The possibilities will amaze you.

And what could be better than being the person you've always wanted to be?


AVATARS Drop level one on Q1 2022

At the level one drop of the AVATARS on Q1 2022, the first 100 slots for an super sexy designed AVATARS will be awarded for the Playmate Society Metavers "Mateland".


And not only in the Playmate Society metaverse you will be able to use them.



Look forward to applicability in more than 10 other partner metaverses.



You can use your AVATARS everywhere. Even outside the Playmate Society in connected Metaverses.

Starting with the title SIR you even get two avatars for the price of one. The second one will live up to your title SIR and will present you (if you want) at every event of the Noble Passion Club.


Interesting and extraordinary times are coming.


And you will be able to have many exciting adventures with your personal avatar, earn money, seduce women (or even men), live out your fantasies in all upcoming areas of the PS metaverse and all other connected metaverses.

We are looking forward to seeing you happy,

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